3 Ways to use a compressor

When using a compressor, you need to have a purpose and reason. Putting a compressor onto your chain without a clue is a quick way to destroy your mix.

Here's 3 ways to use a compressor and the settings you can use to get started in the right direction.

Drop a comment and let us know if there are other ways you use a compressor.

Nikhil 2 weeks ago
Compressor surely is one of the trickiest mix tools to get a hang of! Nice breakdown of its core objectives here! It's important to understand what these parameters do, to fully understand how they can be effective in what we want to achieve.
Kavish 2 weeks ago
this is the tip i didn't know i needed. I just slap on compressors and tweak settings by ear. to date, i still don't know if i'm doing the right thing or not. 🤓💁
Rahul Gowda 2 weeks ago
Top tips! Compressors scare me, i rarely use them but this is a great starting point. Thanks for the share 🙌
Clark 2 weeks ago
Nice tips. saving this as my cheat sheet!