4 Things To Focus On For A Better Mix

Volume is the most powerful tool you have when mixing down tracks.

Achieving that perfect balance in volume between all your elements is where you need to start first before you reach out to do any other processing.

Master these 4 tips and see your mixes improve right away!

Drop a comment let us know what you think after trying these out.

Nikhil 3 weeks ago
Nicely put, totally agree with all the points here! Stereo separation of sounds is something I've started playing around with more, lately.
Kavish 3 weeks ago
Lovely tips! I always keep messing up my mix by adding compressors right at the start without checking anything else. I shall keep these in my mind and follow accordingly. Thank you for sharing this! 🙌🙏
Simon 3 weeks ago
Nice! Levels are always what I start with first. And a little bit of EQ. Still scared to touch compressors and all yet on my tracks lol
Shruti Ghoshal 3 weeks ago
Great tips! 🙌